With changing times, the mindsets of Indians are also undergoing drastic changes. Divorce, once looked down upon in Indian society and is no longer considered taboo. More and more young, married, urban couples are choosing to part ways rather than settling down for lifelong compromise.

Over the years, India has registered numerous divorce cases, which are only increasing day by day. These days, where people do not have time for themselves, they look for convenience in every field of life. Be it booking flight tickets to filing for divorce, people fall back on the internet.

In the recent past, now we see the trend of online divorce has gained momentum in India. More and more married couples are choosing the internet as the platform to get divorced just as they do while looking for life partners.

Keeping in mind this growing trend, a few divorce law firms started operating in India very recently. divorce lawyers divorcelawyersdelhi divorce lawyers in India are some of the online divorce firms that exist in India.

These websites offer all the legal aid surrounding divorce in India. They give a quick overview of divorce proceedings in India. Apart from this, these firms are well equipped with all the forms and reading materials that are required to carry out a divorce procedure.

These firms have good lawyers appointed with them. Once you register with them and all your details are taken into consideration, they carry out the divorce proceedings on your behalf. In case a difference of opinion arises while carrying out the divorce proceedings, the firm itself assigns one of their competent lawyers, so that the proceedings can be carried out properly.

These firms are also equipped to dish out answers online to your queries regarding divorce. Divorce can be a messy affair and if contested it can lead to arguments, disagreement, and other unpleasantness. They come up with suitable answers to all your queries. The usual minimal charge varies between 400 to 500 rupees for these services provided by them. Many of these firms provide divorce mediation as well. The above-mentioned firms also offer online counseling for divorce. Due to this advantage, you need not visit the lawyer every time, thereby saving money. The services provided by the online firms are economical because they cut down on your payments which you need to make to your lawyer.

However, the common Indians cannot always avail themselves of the services of these online law firms as they are not comfortable using the computer and the internet. So, many of them prefer interacting with the lawyer face to face.

Despite, all this online divorce is fast gaining momentum in India and the online divorce firms are carrying out their regular functions, catering services to their clients thereby leaving millions satisfied.