If you have ever been to a hairdresser for the first time, then you know how hard it is to explain what you want to be done with your hair. Some people actually go to the salon without any solid idea about the style they want. Unless you are only going there for a keratin treatment or a basic trim, a productive visit to your hairdresser Cranbourne needs these preparations.

Some Ways to Effectively Communicate with your Hairdresser Cranbourne

Sit down and decide on what your next look will be. The key to having realistic goals for your next look is to assess your facial shape. Do you have a round shaped face? Do you have a chin that’s a bit more elongated than average? Do your jawlines attract too much attention? Make an objective assessment and look for styles that flatter your feature. Browse through these styles, know what they are called, and look at the variations of the style you would want for your hair. Getting better-versed with haircut terms will allow you to explain things better to your Hairdresser Cranbourne. If you can, print out or take a screenshot of the haircut’s photo. If you are having your hair coloured too, it is best to find out exactly what shade.

Talk to your hairdresser about the style and colour first. Sometimes, clients are disappointed because they bring photos of celebrities, and by the time the haircut is done, they expect to look exactly like their favourite celebrity. This is a tall order for any Hairdresser Cranbourne. It is important to have realistic expectations about your haircut. Your haircut’s outcome will depend on many things including the very shape of your face, the thickness and texture of your hair, and the health of your hair. Your hairdresser can adjust the style so it suits you best, but unless you bear a startling resemblance to your favourite star, you won’t be his or her doppelganger exactly. Also take note that for dark hair to be lighter, some bleaching will be done before optimal results are seen. If your hair is in poor shape, your hairdresser might advise you to forgo colouring first.

Consider the texture and thickness of your hair. Sometimes, the shape of your haircut will strongly depend on the structure of your hair too. This is something that should always be explained to you by your Hairdresser Cranbourne. If you bring a photo of a celebrity with very straight hair, for example, and yours curls up when you cut it short, the results will be very different. You might even end up in tears because the haircut will appear too short. If you have slightly wavy hair which curls up a bit more when short, it is best to warn your hairdresser about it as the start of the session. This way, s/he can leave half an inch allowance to make room for the shortening effect of your natural curls. If the texture of your hair is not the best for the style you have chosen, your Hairdresser Cranbourne can suggest some styling tricks to make the style work better for you. Be wary, though, that over styling can cause serious damage to your hair.