When you are newly engaged, there are a lot of things on your to-do list. Planning a wedding is a huge production and involves many steps, most of which must be taken carefully in order to be done correctly. Whether you want a large and formal wedding or one that is casual and small, planning ahead is important. One of the most important items a bride purchase is her wedding dress, and there are literally thousands of dresses to choose from.

Bridal Buying Guide for the Blushing Bride

However, there are other items that go along with the dress that are equally important, which is why starting your shopping early is so important. Getting a head start not only ensures that all tasks will be completed before the big day, but will also safeguard your dream that you will get exactly what you want for your wedding. In fact, you can’t start too early in planning a wedding, and below are some of the recommendations for making sure you get everything done in time.

Seven Major Milestones

Bridal wear is usually purchased in pieces, and below are the recommendations regarding the time frame involved in each purchase.

  1. 12-18 months before the wedding: purchase your wedding dress
  2. 6-8 months before the wedding: purchase the shoes to go with your dress
  3. 6-8 months before the wedding: purchase your wedding veil
  4. 6-8 months before the wedding: purchase the underwear that goes with your dress
  5. 4-6 months before the wedding: complete a trial run with your hairdresser to make sure the style you choose will look best with your outfit
  6. 4-6 months before the wedding: visit your makeup artist for a trial run, to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything
  7. 2-4 months before the wedding: purchase the jewellery that goes with your outfit, and try everything on together to make sure they look great

You can never be too prepared, so the earlier you start shopping, the better. Click herefor additional information on timelines, or visit the internet for this type of information.

Why is This So Important?

Why is it so important to start early? The last thing you want is to show up on your wedding day, put your wedding attire on and find out that it doesn’t match or go well together, or that you’ve missed something important. Consider this like a dress rehearsal – at least two months before your wedding, dress completely in your wedding attire and do your hair and makeup. This is the only way to make sure that when that special day arrives, you will get the specific look you want.

Regardless of the type of wedding you have chosen or the number of bridesmaids you have, planning ahead is a must if you want your wedding day to go smoothly. The rehearsal dinner is a time to make sure that everyone knows what to do on the day of the wedding, but this has nothing to do with your wedding attire. Purchasing everything ahead of time and trying on your ensemble a few months before your wedding day is the only way to make sure you look stunning and all-together on that special day.