Every now and then, we tend to bump in some kind of South Asian wedding. Now keeping in mind that Canada is one of the cultural hubs of the world, many of us have had the opportunity to experience these weddings for ourselves. From the colours to the craziness, to the food and much more, we all know that when it’s a South Asian wedding, expect the unexpected. It doesn’t matter if you are on a Pakistani, Indian or Sri Lankan wedding, you will never forget this overwhelming time. Now, what makes these weddings so special? Bridal Dresses? Arrangements or Makeup? For those who have never been on such a grand wedding or are invited to their first one, you might want to take some time out and read this.

Why South Asian Weddings are the Best

On average, a South Asian wedding lasts up to 3 days, but can easily exceed to 5. And the fun part is, you will not have a single spare moment in this time period. You will sing, dance, eat and gossip in all this time. Be prepared to meet so many different people flying from all parts of the world, and yes don’t forget about the food. You will discover just how much you can eat, even if it involves forceful eating.

Another thing that makes these weddings so unique is the women. Be prepared to see a lot of bling and glam, especially on the bride. The motto is simple: Go big or go home. It won’t be hard for you to know who the bride is among the masses, because she will be the one in the heaviest bridal dress that you will ever see.

Since this affair is about family, probably the best part of South Asian weddings is that you will feel like a part of it. Yes, you might have some difficulty in communicating at first, but trust me the people there will make you feel connected. Especially when the wedding is taking place, which is a 4-hour long thing in itself, you will find yourself sipping tea and chatting with so many people around you.

These weddings are insanely fun, and probably the most interesting thing you will do all year long. Whatever the case is, just visit one wedding and you will realize that the South Asian community is just a bunch of awesome fellows hanging outside the sub-continent of Asia, and having fun.