Top Bra Styles for Your Honeymoon

It is your special night and you don’t want to spoil it. It is the night that both you and your man want to remember for the rest of your life. The right set of lingerie can make your night more beautiful and memorable. You get numerous varieties of bras in the market today. But as newlywed it is better to go for sensual ones that make your man weak at his knees. Each day you can surprise him with new looks. It actually depends on your mood and comfort level. You should really wear something which is comfortable for you. It is your special night and the least you want is to look odd and uncomfortable.

Top Bra Styles for Your Honeymoon

The most important thing to keep in mind when you shop for your bra is to find one that fits your size. You don’t want something that makes your boobs sag or strap coming off your shoulder, strap digging etc. To find out the right size and fit. If you don’t know about your size then you can seek the advice from an experienced bra fitter. Once you find out the size then you can choose anything of your choice. There are different styles of bra available for your honeymoon. Some of the favourites are:

Push Up Bras

These kinds of bras have various pads that can push your breast up and allows showing more of cleavage and breast. The padding of this bra is at the bottom portion of the bra but now- a- days padding is at the bottom as well as at the outside edge of the cup. The straps of these bras are usually set wide apart. This is ideal for those who have smaller breast size. This bra will make your breasts look larger and fuller. This will give a sexy, naughty and youthful appearance.

Demi Bras

It comes with great support and shape. It is good for the petite woman with large breast because of short underwire and reduced cup coverage. It also makes a good choice for women with symmastia.

Corset or Bustier Style Bras

This is a longline strapless bra and the cups are usually demi cup style to show off the upper breast tissue. This helps to create fullness and roundness to your breast and also show the cleavage. This is ideal for those women who are looking for back support. This would not be a good choice for women with wide-set breast.