Five Entertainment Ideas for Wedding Receptions

Although your wedding reception will give your family and friends a chance to catch up with each other, you should also plan some sort of entertainment to keep everyone occupied. You can hire a band to provide music for dancing or come up with other interesting things for your guests to do so they don’t get bored. However, the focus of the reception should still be on the newlyweds, so consider these low-key ideas to keep your guests’ attention.

Five Entertainment Ideas for Wedding Receptions

Hire a Great DJ

A great DJ will do more than spin vinyl, he or she can also act as an emcee for the reception. They can regale guests with stories about how the bride and groom met, how the groom proposed, or tell funny stories about some of the wedding guests. Of course, they will also introduce the newlyweds, announce the important moments of the reception such as the couple’s dance and the father and daughter dance, make speeches, and play music throughout the night if a live band isn’t hired.

Make Food Interesting

Whether a full-service dinner is provided or you decide to serve finger foods, make the food and the way it’s served interesting. You can have hor ‘d oeuvres served throughout the evening to keep guests from getting hungry or too tipsy if you have an open bar. You can opt to bring in food trucks to serve fun foods instead of hiring a traditional catering company. However, carefully consider the types of foods served so they are not messy and guests can prevent getting food stains on their suits and dresses.

Hire a Photo booth

A photo booth with various style options is a good activity for your guests that won’t take focus from the newlyweds. It also doesn’t interfere with the official photographer, but it can be used by the guests to take their own special snapshots with family and friends. Photo booths make it easy to keep those precious memories, especially if you ask for guests to leave their mobile phones at home or turn them off during the reception.

Consider Dance Entertainment

Instead of hiring a band to play at your reception, consider some form of dance entertainment. Hire a dance instructor to teach the latest dances to your guests before the DJ starts playing music. You could also hire a dance group in the bride or groom’s ethnic tradition to provide entertainment prior to the DJ introducing the newlyweds to start off the reception.

Include Play Area

If children are invited to your wedding, then have a separate play area for them at the reception. This will keep them from becoming bored with all of the “adult stuff” and allow them to have fun. Include video games, a bounce house, or hire some form of entertainment and include snacks especially for them.

Although you don’t want to lose sight of celebrating your big day, you will also want to provide guests with entertainment to keep them engaged during the reception, and enjoy a memorable day for all.

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