Is Weed Dangerous and What are the Effects of Smoking Cannabis (Weed) well there are lots of ways that Smoking Weed can affect you in this post you will be able to find information on all the effects and side effects of Smoking Weed (Cannabis) good and bad.

Cannabis (weed) is a plant that occurs naturally

The substance known as Weed more commonly known as Bud can act as a relaxant and even be a mild Hallucinogenic when backed into food I.E Cakes. When Smoked, the Effects are usually felt within 15 – 20 minutes after Smoking this means that it’s a fast-acting substance and can cause you to feel:



Laid Back


Hungry – Munchies

If the strain of Cannabis (Weed) you are Smoking is Strong this can also lead to pointless Laughing (giggling), a deeper appreciation of music and colors it can even go as far as making you lose your inhibitions if you Smoke a large amount. Weed (Cannabis) Also has good side effects it can ease pain have effective calming properties it can also ease nausea, vomiting in advanced stages of illnesses such as AIDS, Cancer, and other serious illnesses. Bear in mind that if you Smoke a large amount of high or low-quality Weed can also make you vomit, sleepy and paranoid. The Effects of Weed like most other drugs will vary wildly, it’s all down to how the person Smoking reacts to the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and the CBC content of the Weed that they are Smoking other factors can come in to play to make you react differently each time you Smoke Cannabis(Weed) here are some factors that can change your experience with Weed:

Who you are with

Where you are

What you are doing

What state of mind you are in

Other Information on the Effect of Smoking Cannabis (Weed)

Most of the Cannabis (Weed) That can be obtained all over the UK is Mild and the Side Effects with not last as long or be as intense, although the recent boom in growing and cross-breeding strains means that Weed Strains such as Skunk, Northern Lights, Cheese, Purple Haze, Have much higher levels of THC and CBC this means you are more likely to side effects and even sometimes have Hallucinogenic Effects.

How you choose to Smoke Cannabis can also change the Effects that it has you here are some of the ways people use Cannabis (Weed):

Rolled with tobacco – Know as a Joint, Spliff, or Dubie

Smokes filtered through the water with a Bong

Can be backed and eaten

Inhaled with a number of paraphernalia such as a Vaporizer

Effects of Smoking Weed on the Body

Physical Effects of Smoking large amounts of Weed can in clued Blood Shot Eyes, Dry Mouth and decreased reaction times some people also feel Anxious and Paranoid after a heavy session.

Health Risks

Almost all of the Health risks associate with Smoking Cannabis (Weed) are those linked to the tobacco content when Smoking a Joint. It has been suggested that there is an extremely low risk of developing bronchitis or lung cancer from Smoking Cannabis itself, Although a $2 million research program in the US by the National Toxicity Program claims that they “Found absolutely no evidence” to back up the claims. The minor level of toxicity of Cannabis (Weed) and cannabinoids is extremely low.

Did you know that no one has ever died as a consequence of recreational or medical use?

Official Statistics state that there are two deaths on record involving Cannabis (Weed) and no other drugs in 1993 and two in 1994 and also one in 1995, But these deaths were all due to the inhalation of vomit. Animal studies show that separation by a factor of 10,000+ between pharmacologically effective and lethal dose. Even tho Cannabis is accepted by a large amount of the population of the world and even in most government and legal circles that sociably using Cannabis is no more dangerous than tobacco and alcohol it still remains an illegal offense in most countries thought out the world.

Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs (UK)

In March 2002 The main findings of this report from the Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs (UK) are that high use of Cannabis is in no way associated with major health problems for Individuals or Society. It was deemed occasional use of Cannabis was rarely associated with problems with individuals health, the main problem is the impairment of movement when under the Effects of Weed along with disruption of blood pressure that can cause you to faint this could become a problem if you are trying to operate a car or large machines.

Key Points about Weed

Regular heavy use of cannabis can result in dependence but its addictive potential is far less than amphetamines, tobacco, or alcohol.

Cannabis impairs mental functions such as attention, memory, and performance and so can be dangerous for drivers and those who operate heavy machinery but, unlike alcohol, it does not increase risk-taking behavior.

The birth weight of children whose pregnant mothers smoked joints might be lower than expected due to carbon monoxide in the smoke. They also run a small risk of minor birth defects

Cannabis is less harmful than other class B substances including amphetamines, barbiturates, or codeine-like compounds.