The Right Reasons to Use a Backing Track

A backing track has a bit of a negative connotation in the music world for various reasons.
You are likely to remember an incident some years ago where Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-syncing at a Saturday Night Live performance if you love to keep up with the latest drama. This is not as uncommon an occurrence as the media would have you believe, as many bands and live performers use backing tracks during their performance.

The Right Reasons to Use a Backing Track

Backing Track Defined

A backing track is a pre-recorded piece of audio played behind a performer during a live show. A backing track could be the backup vocals, an instrument played in the song not typically played by a member of the band, and more. These tracks are played to help a performer or performers keep their sound rich and performance-ready, particularly for bands and groups with complicated dance numbers. Often, a performer will sing his or her portion of the lyrics live while certain portions of the music are backing-tracked.

No Band

Put aside your opinion about lip-syncing and take a moment to understand the legitimate reason that many people need the help of a backing track. Professional singers do not always have the help of a live band, but they still need music to perform. Backing tracks without lyrics allow them to sing and perform to the best of their abilities without a loss in quality. Consider this a high-quality form of karaoke on a professional level. Whether you need to sing for judges or as part of an event, backing tracks are your best friend.

TV and Radio

Backing tracks also enhance the effect of TV and radio advertisements. A well-designed commercial for television or the radio can put your business in the spotlight and help you increase your client base. From jazz standards to heavy metal, you can purchase a backing track suited to your unique needs. Some well-placed music can drastically improve the efficiency of a commercial or play and make the entire experience more pleasant.

The Theatre

When you have an important role to play in a musical, you need to know that your music will always be perfect. Very few musical theatres can afford a live orchestra, making it difficult to sing your part without the help of a backing track. The right companies have thousands of backing tracks to choose from, making your search simple and affordable. After all, a backing track can never get sick, quit without reason, or cause you grief. You never need to teach a backing track the right cues to begin playing or when to grow louder or softer. Simply press play and begin singing your heart out.

Background Music

If you own a restaurant or run a mall, the right music can keep your guests feeling relaxed and happy during their stay. Backing tracks are a great way to keep the ambience of a place at the right level and keep your guests content. If you purchase backing tracks of songs they recognise, they will begin to associate your establishment with a positive feeling, allowing you to increase your chances of a second visit. Backing tracks are your best option for several legitimate reasons, and they are always cost-effective.

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