Hiring a Live Band to Play at Your Wedding is a Great Idea

Wedding is a Great Idea

Your wedding day is something that you want to be as unique as it can be. You have been building up to this moment for what feels like forever. This day is going to be something that you will remember for the rest of your life, so it is essential to make sure that the memories are going to be the best they can be. For this reason, you will want to make sure that everything is planned out properly. I have also added a link to a guide for ideas on songs to play at your wedding.

Wedding is a Great Idea

Everyone spends a lot of time picking out the flowers and deciding what everyone is going to wear. You might have even spent a long time thinking about seating arrangements and what you are going to feed everyone during the reception. These are all incredibly important, but you shouldn’t forget about the entertainment, either. Some people choose to hire a wedding DJ, but it would be much more memorable and personable to hire a live wedding band.

Live Music is Fantastic

Live music is so much more memorable than anything that a wedding DJ would be able to do for you. When you take the time to hire a professional wedding band, it is going to make your nuptials that much more fun. A wedding is an occasion where people should be able to let loose and celebrate, so using the wedding band as a way to facilitate this that makes sense. They will be able to provide an excellent soundtrack to your big day, and it will make everyone in attendance that much happier.

  • Live music is more memorable
  • Many different styles of music can be catered to
  • It will liven up your nuptials significantly
  • Make your first dance as a married couple exceptional

When you hire a genuinely talented wedding band in Dublin, they are going to be able to make your wedding so much fun. You can hire a group that is well-versed in playing many of your favorite songs. Whether you are into classic pop music or even disco, it will be possible to find the perfect band to make your wedding as entertaining as possible. You will be able to enjoy seeing all of your closest friends and family get out on the dance floor and let their hair down.

Being able to enjoy your wedding and the wedding reception is essential. Planning your wedding can be somewhat stressful simply because there is so much involved in making everything turn out correctly. Hiring a wedding band can be very simple, and it will be one thing you can check off of your list without worrying. You will be able to look forward to hearing the band that you hired when the big day comes around.

Hire the Band

You should take the time to book your wedding band ahead of time. Waiting until it is too close to the wedding date is never recommended, as you want to make sure that they are available. Just take the time to reach out to them, and you will be able to go over all of the particulars. Your wedding will turn out to be as lovely as you always dreamed, and you’ll have a fantastic time

Wedding Photographing services in South France

South France usually known as Le Midi is a lovely place. Geographically, it consists of some part of the Atlantic Ocean, Spain and Italy. There are many delightful and remarkable places here that must be visited. Usually, many visitors come here for various reasons. One of them is events like wedding ceremonies. As it is an awesome piece of nature, it makes a marriage unique and more beautiful.

Wedding Photographing services in South France

Since a wedding ceremony is incomplete without photography, many photographers are providing such services in South France. There is huge competition between photographers. Everyone is perfect in his terms. We are also one of them. We are providing wedding photography services in South France.

Our photographers are professionals in this art. They have a great experience in photography. Before presenting you in an amazing art of photography, we will first provide you with our experience so that we will work with you more efficiently. You can also check out some photographs that we will provide you before using our services.

We will tell you how we capture your great moments in our cameras. We will explain you our traditions of photography to satisfy you. We will show you our concepts of photography that will surely attract you. We are sure that you will find the best ideas and art here. We don’t just talk; we can convert your expressions and feelings in our pictures. We will provide you with the best wedding photographer South France.

Finding a reliable and experienced photographer for a wedding can be a difficult task but stop worrying about this anymore. The photographer must be aware of the taste and traditions of South France. He must be a professional photographer and must have a great experience in wedding photography. These are some conditions that are required to select a photographer. That is what all we have.

We have a complete photography package for you. We are providing excellent wedding photography services in considerable prices too. As everyone wants the best photographer in low prices, we are providing such excellent services in a very less price. We can also assist you to find the best location in South France for your event. In photography, the most important thing is the place of photography.

We are expert to locate and select the best location according to your taste and traditions. You just have to communicate us, and we will provide you all these services in just one click. Also, you can check prices of other wedding photographers and compare them to our prices.

We just receive what we do. Unlike others, we don’t have hidden charges that will increase your budget. We know how to work on a small budget. You can contact us through numbers to find more details and pricing plans for different packages. This depends on the place and timing of photography. So, if you are looking for a wedding photographer South France, you are at the right place. Just contact us and find the best of wedding photography. We will love to work with you.

Planning the Perfect Party

Planning the Perfect Party

Party planning can be incredibly stressful. It can be hard knowing exactly what to do, and what styles and elements to include. That can make throwing the perfect party or gathering seem a little overwhelming, especially with so much to do. Here’s how to throw the perfect party.

Planning the Perfect Party

Style is Crucial

When you picture the perfect party, do you see a rag-tag bunch of people, dressed in a wild array of formal to super casual, arrayed in a boring, domestic space? No! That’s no one’s idea of an amazing party.

What you need is a solid dress code for all and to spruce the location up a bit. Make sure it’s clean and stylish, and add a bunch of extra stylistic, aesthetic choices by hiring party rentals Dubai, including furniture and other bits and pieces. That’s the way you give your party a real style.

Make it Appropriate

What I mean by this is that if it’s a christening or aqiqah party, do you really want to spend a load on a rave DJ, lighting equipment, and a quality dancefloor? Or do you more want to focus on the guests that’ll actually be there?

Likewise, if it’s a bachelor’s stag do or a twenty-first, you want to pull out all the stops and make it party central. Make sure the overall design and style of the party match the occasion.

Food Needs Careful Thought

What do you prefer, finger food, or sit down food? There are loads of options out there, so make sure you make the right choice when it comes to providing your guests with a meal or snack.

You don’t want to provide too much food, but too little can be annoying too. It all depends on the style of party you’re going for, and what time of day it is. Food can either be the highlight of a gathering or lie ignored to the side while everyone dances.

Music Can Be Life or Death for a Party

Just make sure you either go with a trusted, trendy friend with some sound equipment, someone who knows what’s current, and what people are into, or else hire a reputable local DJ. Picking the right music can be a real deal breaker, so make sure you go with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Getting the Word Out

You might be one of those lucky people who have a massive family and friend group, where news of a party spreads instantly, with lots of people turning up, however, if your circle is a little more disconnected, then you might want to consider other options.

Try things like social media, or even real paper invites. If you get a Facebook party event up, you can easily invite everyone you want to. Paper invites can seem a little more sophisticated and formal though. Be sure to make a couple of posts about it across social media accounts so everyone knows it’s coming up!

The Right Reasons to Use a Backing Track

The Right Reasons to Use a Backing Track

A backing track has a bit of a negative connotation in the music world for various reasons.
You are likely to remember an incident some years ago where Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-syncing at a Saturday Night Live performance if you love to keep up with the latest drama. This is not as uncommon an occurrence as the media would have you believe, as many bands and live performers use backing tracks during their performance.

The Right Reasons to Use a Backing Track

Backing Track Defined

A backing track is a pre-recorded piece of audio played behind a performer during a live show. A backing track could be the backup vocals, an instrument played in the song not typically played by a member of the band, and more. These tracks are played to help a performer or performers keep their sound rich and performance-ready, particularly for bands and groups with complicated dance numbers. Often, a performer will sing his or her portion of the lyrics live while certain portions of the music are backing-tracked.

No Band

Put aside your opinion about lip-syncing and take a moment to understand the legitimate reason that many people need the help of a backing track. Professional singers do not always have the help of a live band, but they still need music to perform. Backing tracks without lyrics allow them to sing and perform to the best of their abilities without a loss in quality. Consider this a high-quality form of karaoke on a professional level. Whether you need to sing for judges or as part of an event, backing tracks are your best friend.

TV and Radio

Backing tracks also enhance the effect of TV and radio advertisements. A well-designed commercial for television or the radio can put your business in the spotlight and help you increase your client base. From jazz standards to heavy metal, you can purchase a backing track suited to your unique needs. Some well-placed music can drastically improve the efficiency of a commercial or play and make the entire experience more pleasant.

The Theatre

When you have an important role to play in a musical, you need to know that your music will always be perfect. Very few musical theatres can afford a live orchestra, making it difficult to sing your part without the help of a backing track. The right companies have thousands of backing tracks to choose from, making your search simple and affordable. After all, a backing track can never get sick, quit without reason, or cause you grief. You never need to teach a backing track the right cues to begin playing or when to grow louder or softer. Simply press play and begin singing your heart out.

Background Music

If you own a restaurant or run a mall, the right music can keep your guests feeling relaxed and happy during their stay. Backing tracks are a great way to keep the ambience of a place at the right level and keep your guests content. If you purchase backing tracks of songs they recognise, they will begin to associate your establishment with a positive feeling, allowing you to increase your chances of a second visit. Backing tracks are your best option for several legitimate reasons, and they are always cost-effective.

Three Reasons to Consider Turks & Caicos for Your Destination Wedding

Three Reasons to Consider Turks & Caicos for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a romantic and exotic way to tie the knot, and there’s no better place than the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.

And if it’s good enough for celebrities such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Bruce Willis and Emma Heming, then it’s good enough for you!

So why exactly are the Turks & Caicos Islands so perfect for your big day?

Three Reasons to Consider Turks & Caicos for Your Destination Wedding


The islands are home to some of the most beautiful powdery sand beaches in the world, particularly on the main island of Providenciales, (also known as Provo) where Grace Bay was even voted the world’s best beach according to TripAdvisor.

Most of the islands are surrounded by natural reefs, making the surrounding oceans perfectly calm, clean and full of colourful wildlife.

This also serves to protect the beaches from ocean surges and keeps them perfectly pristine.

Only eight of the 40 islands that make up Turks & Caicos are actually inhabited which gives them a very intimate and romantic feel.

Best of all, many of the resorts, such as Beach House are located right on the beach itself, so you can have your ceremony with the sand between your toes.


One of the best things about a destination wedding is that it also doubles up as the perfect honeymoon, and there’s plenty to see and do in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

It’s also worth bearing in mind it can take as long as five days to be granted a marriage license, so you’re going to need something to do to keep your guests entertained!

While you could easily spend a whole week chilling at the beach on the Turks and Caicos Islands, there’s also a whole host of other activities for you to enjoy, either with the rest of your guests or just the two of you.

Even if you don’t want to leave the beach all week we would recommend you at least give snorkelling or scuba diving a go as the surrounding oceans are absolutely teeming with beautiful wildlife including fish, lobsters and turtles.

In particular, we recommend Smith’s Reef for snorkelling.

If you’re more of a history buff then you could talk a walk to the historic Cockburn Town, which is believed by some to be the spot where Columbus first landed in 1492.

For a particularly romantic day out, why not explore the beach and the ocean on horseback!


As you would expect from a Caribbean island chain, the weather in Turks and Caicos is fantastic, with a dry and sunny tropical climate, and an average summer temperature of between 29 and 32 degrees and 27 and 29 during the winter.

Rain showers do occur infrequently but often pass as soon as they begin so there’s no danger of your big day being ruined by the elements.

So if you want to make your wedding day a day you’ll truly never forget, why not consider going all out for a destination wedding in this true island paradise?

Job Outlook for Wedding Planners

Job Outlook for Wedding Planners

The wedding industry in the United States is huge, currently worth about $51 billion, and with same-sex marriage becoming legal in more states, the industry will only get bigger. According to the Cost of the Wedding website, American couples spend an average of $25,200 on their wedding, with most couples shelling out between $18,900 and $31,500 to make their wedding dreams a reality. For many people, their wedding day is something they’ve dream about all their lives, and they have both high expectations and a lot of nervousness surrounding their special day. It’s no wonder that wedding planners are in such high demand!

Job Outlook for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are classified by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics under the category “Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners.” Many planners specialize in one particular kind of event, like weddings, but many others are more versatile, planning events ranging from weddings to bar mitzvahs, to professional meetings and conferences. Once you learn how to communicate with clients, plan budgets, arrange venues and transportation, talk to vendors, deal with caterers, and perform the many other tasks involved in putting on large functions, you will have the basic skills necessary to plan weddings and many other types of events as well.

Almost all wedding planners are self-employed, though meeting, convention, and other event planners may be employed by organizations. Currently, you aren’t required to have a degree to become a wedding or event planner—many people learn the ropes by working as assistants to experienced planners before striking out on their own. However, since they are usually self-employed, wedding planners need not only planning skills but business skills as well. Earning a certificate or a degree through an approved program is an excellent way to learn these skills. In addition, many clients prefer to work with planners who have some formal training and have received their certification, so although postsecondary education isn’t required, it is highly recommended.

In terms of job outlook, the demand for the meeting, convention, and event planners is expected to grow by 33 per cent through 2022, with an additional 31,000 jobs becoming available. Compared to the rest of the workforce, this represents an extremely high rate of growth. The job outlook is best for planners who have at least some postsecondary education and for those with related work experience. The pay for meeting, convention, and event planners ranges widely. In 2012, the median salary was just under $46,000, but people at the top can make close to $80,000 per year.

If you love weddings and are natural at organizing events where every detail needs to be perfect, a career in wedding planning is an excellent choice. To learn more about this career and the education options available for you, contact a professional wedding planning association—they will be able to provide the guidance to get you on the right track.

Beauty Tips For Indian Brides To Prepare For the Wedding

Beauty Tips For Indian Brides To Prepare For the Wedding

Every bride, irrespective of whether she is a classic beauty or possesses only average looks wants to look a million bucks for her wedding in India. She would go to any extent to make her skin, hair and face look as glamorous as a movie. As she will be the centre of all attention, of course, some of the glory will reach the groom too who himself will be proudly revelling in the beauty of his bride, she is willing to sacrifice many things to achieve that look. She is willing to control her calories, cut down on fat, stop taking chocolates and ice creams and visit the spa and beauty parlour to perfect her looks.

Beauty Tips For Indian Brides To Prepare For the Wedding

Skin care tips

To have gorgeous skin on your wedding day, you need to start caring for it as soon as your wedding is decided. Starting the skin care regime 4-5 months before your wedding would be a feasible idea. Of course it depends on the type of skin you have and how badly damaged it is. Once you consult a dermatologist, she will advice you on the type of care you need to do to your skin for your wedding in India. The type of cosmetic care and the frequency of application and treatment will vary with skin type. When your wedding day is around the corner it is advisable not to try any new brands, however established they may seem. Start wearing the sunscreen lotion, even if it is not sunny when you go out. It will protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays.

While you do all sorts of external applications, you must be careful with your diet so your skin looks fresh and rejuvenated from within. You can eat a lot of fruits like guava, lime, papaya or orange and vegetables like lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, spinach and broccoli to rejuvenate the skin. Salads, plenty of water and regular exercises can definitely make your skin glow.

There is nothing wrong in pampering yourself on the months before your wedding in India. You need to consult your beautician and perform regular facials, depending on the type of skin you have and repeat the facials every 3-4 weeks. You will also need to pedicure and manicure every week or every 10 days.

Hair care tips

True, Indian women are known for their magnificent mane and lovely skin, but you will need to give it that care when it is your wedding in India. If you have short hair and wishes to have long hair, then you can easily wear hair extensions. Wigs are out, extensions are in. You can try out different hairstyles with the help of hair styles and when you do that account, take into account the type of dress you are wearing, its color, your skin tone and so on. In the months preceding the wedding in India, you can go for hair grooming sessions with your hair stylist. If you plan to color your hair, then try a shade you are familiar with or have tried before and suited you. Never experiment with your hair before the wedding. Of course, these tips do not cover all the hair care tips, but it is a starter.

4 Korean Skincare Products to Prepare You for Prom Night

4 Korean Skincare Products to Prepare You for Prom Night

Contrary to what romantic high school movies may say, not everything magically falls into place just before prom. It takes a lot of planning to transform your everyday version into a prom queen contender. Just like how you have to try on your clothes and arrange your transportation options, you also have to nurse your skin to perfection days — even weeks — before the big event.

4 Korean Skincare Products to Prepare You for Prom Night

While most western cosmetics are designed to hide flaws and blemishes, focus on prevention and perfecting the quality of one’s skin. With the help of these skincare products, you can expect to bring out your skin’s best features in time for prom.

  1. Cleansing Oil
    The first step to have clear, bright and blemish-free skin would be gentle cleansing. While proving to be quite popular, gel-type cleansing formulas are not one-size-fits-all. People with dry, sensitive skin are better off using oil cleansers for removing makeup and the dirt. In addition to minimizing tugging during the cleaning process, oil cleansers also have anti-inflammatory qualities. Some products, such as Etude House’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil, only require a warm water rinse after every use. This leaves one’s face feeling fresher, smoother, and free of residue.
  2. Moisturizing Facial Wash
    If you aren’t completely comfortable with an oil cleanser, or if you’re worried about oil residues that can aggravate your skin problems, you can resort to double cleansing. Double cleansing refers to using foaming facial wash after using cleansing oil or cleansing water. It is best to go with gentle cleansers with moisturizers, like Nature Republic’s Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera, so you can avoid that tight, uncomfortable feeling after washing your face. Keep to this cleansing routine up until prom night and you’ll notice lesser outbreaks and suppler and clearer skin.
  3. Nourishing Creams and Face Masks
    After ridding your skin of the day’s grime, dirt, and oil, the next step is to moisturize and pamper your face with nutrients that make it softer and smoother. If your skin has a particular issue, such as drying or excessive oil, you can try using Tony Moly’s collection of triple-layer sheet masks that target different skin needs. People with combination skin and those who want to slowly but surely get rid of blemishes and freckles can use LadyKin’s Vanpir Dark Repair Cream, a nourishing formula is designed to suit all skin types. The cream stimulates the skin’s metabolism and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and freckles.
  4. Sun Protection
    Last but not least is proper and long-lasting protection from the sun. Since you’ll be using sunblock every day, it is a good idea to go with a product that combines sun protection with oil control. Bring your sunblock with you every day to keep your skin moisturized and protected while the sun is still up.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest days of your life. As a couple, you two will obviously want the whole day to be as perfect as possible. The memories of your wedding will remain with you for the rest of your life, so you should try not to compromise on anything at all. Hiring a photographer and a videographer for the wedding is very important. Since this is such a big day, you will want to ensure that the memories of the day are immortalised. Even though many photographers also offer video-making services, it’s important for you to know the distinction between the two.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Capturing good video is completely different from capturing a good still image. A photographer’s eye is trained to take stylish pictures. On the other hand, a videographer is responsible for recording video in a seamless fashion. You don’t want your wedding video to be cut and slashed and then edited poorly. You will want the video to tell the tale of the most beautiful day of your lives! Therefore, it’s important for you to hire a videographer who offers high-quality services.

Reputation and Experience

There are many companies that offer packages for wedding videos in Brisbane. The most important thing that you need to consider is the company’s reputation and experience in this space. How many weddings has it covered in the past? What do the previous customers have to say about the company’s services? When you first meet the videographer, you should talk to him or her about their past projects. Ask the videographer if they can show you their portfolio, so that you can get an idea of their skills.

The last thing that you want is for your wedding video to be heavily re-touched and filled with filler effects and artificial frames. Keeping the whole thing as natural as possible is very important, so make sure you choose a videographer who knows how to do this. Check the portfolio thoroughly, and then determine whether the videographer can record your wedding video in a way that you like. If you have any preferences, you can share them with the videographer as well. This will give you a better idea if both parties are on the same page.


You can’t spend a fortune on your wedding video. Most people keep a specific amount that they are willing to spend on wedding videos. Many private companies offer a series of different packages to their customers. The price varies depending upon the length of the video. Before you finalise the contract with any videographer, it’s best to discuss the prices. Ask them about the lump sum costs and make sure that there are no hidden charges before confirming the deal. You will also need to pay a small advance before confirming the deal. Ideally, you should get quotes from two or three reputable photographers in Brisbane before making a decision about which one to hire for your wedding.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Engagement Ring

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Engagement Ring

For most women, their engagement ring is something that they have dreamt about since they were quite young, but for most men, they only become a consideration when they are thinking about proposing to their intended.

It is perhaps understandable that, for many people, the thought of choosing an engagement ring is almost as daunting as the proposal itself. That’s why we created this guide to choosing an engagement ring; it will be an indispensable must-read guide if you are thinking of making a proposal of marriage.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Engagement Ring

What is the symbolism behind an engagement ring?

There is a lot of symbolism involved with an engagement ring both in its shape and in the precious stones.

Obviously, rings are circular in shape to fit comfortably on the finger, but did you know the symbolism of the circle in relation to engagement rings? Circles as a shape have no beginning and no end which is a symbol of eternal love, perfection and completeness.

Perhaps the most popular style of engagement ring is the Solitaire ring, which contains one precious stone, usually a diamond. The symbolism of one stone has the meaning one true love, whilst the diamond stone itself signifies purity, commitment and eternity.

Traditional and Contemporary Styles of Engagement Rings

The Solitaire engagement ring, a ring set with one main gemstone, usually a diamond, is the most popular style of engagement ring. Whilst you might think this traditional style would leave all engagement rings appearing much the same, there’s still plenty of choice in traditional and more contemporary styles of engagement ring.

Your choice of a traditionally styled ring or a modern style will most likely be guided by the personality of your intended. Pictured below are a traditional style ring in platinum and a modern style ring in yellow gold

A traditionally styled, round cut, diamond solitaire ring set in platinum.

A contemporary styled, round cut, diamond solitaire ring set in yellow gold.

If you would like something completely unique, many jewellers offer a bespoke jewellery design service. We spoke with Paul Henderson of Wave Jewellery (www.wavejewellery.com) about bespoke jewellery design. He told us “We offer a wide choice of classic and modern styled engagement rings here at Wave, but bespoke jewellery is becoming increasingly popular and something that we really enjoy providing for our customers.” “It’s really rewarding working through the stages of a bespoke design with a customer. Seeing their reaction when we show them their finished piece of unique jewellery is a very special experience indeed.”

How much is traditionally spent on an engagement ring?

Whilst some suggest that it is traditional for the groom to set aside 1 to 3 months’ salary for the engagement ring, the amount you spend on your engagement ring will depend on a number of things including the type, number and size of the stones, the precious metal that the band of the engagement ring is made from and ultimately, your personal budget.

Research by insurance company Liverpool Victoria (www.lv.com) in 2011 found that the average value of engagement rings listed separately by policyholders was £1131. The average UK wage in 2011 was £26,000 which is approx £1,700 per month take home pay. So this suggests that most grooms-to-be don’t spend quite as much as one full month pay on their engagement ring.

Diamond Cuts

If you’ve already started looking at engagement rings, you might be wondering about some of the terminology used to describe the precious stones. Here’s your handy guide to what terms like ‘brilliant cut’ and ‘Princess cut’ mean.

  • Round cut – a round cut diamond, usually brilliant cut (see the last description below)
  • Princess cut – the Princess cut is a square cut diamond – the flat edges are usually slightly beveled to prevent them feeling sharp.
  • Emerald cut solitaire – the emerald cut is a rectangular cut – as with Princess cut stones, the flat edges are usually slightly beveled.
  • Oval solitaire – similar to the round cut but elongated, usually brilliant cut
  • Marquise solitaire – boat shaped with pointed ends
  • Heart solitaire – perhaps the most romantic heart shaped diamond cut
  • Brilliant cut – the surfaces of these diamonds are cut with many facets in order to catch light and give extra sparkle.

Which precious metal should I choose?

The most common precious metals for wedding rings are, as you might expect, gold and platinum. Both of these precious metals are hardwearing and importantly, it is extremely rare for people to have allergies to gold or platinum which can be the case with other metals like silver.

With gold there are 3 colours available, yellow gold, rose gold (slightly pink in appearance) and white gold which appears the same as silver or platinum.

The quality of the gold used in the ring is indicated a hall mark which indicates the ‘carat’ rating. There are 4 common carat ratings

  • 9 Carat gold contains 37.5% gold
  • 14 Carat gold contains 58.5% gold
  • 18 Carat gold contains 75% gold
  • 22 Carat gold contains 91.6% gold
  • 24 Carat gold contains 99% gold (almost pure gold)

(figures quoted are UK minimum gold percentages per Carat rating)

As you might expect, the higher the gold content and purity of the ring, the more expensive it will be. The majority of the gold engagement rings you will see will be up to 22 Carat gold. 24 Carat gold is extremely difficult to come by now – unless you opt for an antique engagement ring.

Platinum rings are usually of 92.5% or 95.5% platinum content – your jeweller will usually advise you of its quality, but if not, just ask.

Engagement rings for men

Engagement rings for men were, at one time, quite difficult to find in high street jewellers. Men often had to choose a Signet ring to use as an engagement ring, which was a poor alternative as they were usually too big to wear alongside their wedding ring after they married. This meant moving them to the ring finger on the right hand after marriage.

Thankfully, engagement rings for men are now far easier to find in mainstream jewellers – probably owing to the legalisation of Gay marriage and Civil partnerships. We expect the popularity and the choice in designs of engagement rings for men to continue to grow. Unlike signet rings, these dedicated men’s engagements are designed to be worn with a wedding band whilst maintaining a masculine style.

We hope that you have found our guide to choosing and engagement ring helpful. Thank you for reading our guide and if you are getting engaged soon we’d love to hear about your experience of choosing a ring and the proposal itself – why not leave us a comment here on the blog with your experience.