There are so many different types of centrepieces that you could use for a wedding and it is hard to choose just one especially on a day that has to be perfect. If you are looking for a unique, creative and colourful centrepiece for your wedding, you have come to the right place.

Ideas for Using Glass Stones as Wedding Table Centrepiece

Whatever theme you are going for, wedding table centrepieces with glass stones can give you that amazing look you are trying to achieve. There are so many different ways you could utilize glass stones in your centrepieces. You just have to find the right one for your theme and colour palette. The key to a perfect wedding centrepiece is to create one that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom.

If your wedding has a colourful theme and you want to do something different that shows your unique or creative personality, take a bunch of different types of glasses including wine, martini, etc. These glasses should be matching from the same set but be for different types of drinks. Next, gather three different colour glass stones that go within your wedding colour palette. A great example could be pink, purple, and red. Now, gather up a hand full the pink glass stones and put them in one of your glasses. Turn the glass upside down on the table with the glass stones in it. Repeat this for the purple and red glass stones as well for as many glasses as you want on your table. Lastly, put a medium sized candle on top of the base of the glasses, using them as candle holders. A nice beige candle would like very nice about this. These centrepieces are a fun way to add colour to the wedding.

For someone that prefers a large centrepiece for their wedding which draws attention to the beautiful focal point can start by taking a large wine glass, maybe three feet tall. Place it in the middle of the table right side up and fill the glass with whatever colour glass stones that go with the theme of the wedding. To add colour, use an assortment of different colour glass stones. Next, add some beautiful flowers that match the flowers the bride will take down the aisle on top of the glass stones. Last but not least, place some kind of greenery at the base of the wine glass. This is a gorgeous centrepiece for a wedding that is bold yet quaint.
This wedding centrepiece is very simple but beautiful. Have a large cylinder or cube bowl in the middle of the table. Fill with water up to about an inch from the top. Place clear glass stones in the bottom of the bowl which should fill up halfway to the top. Now, place two different types of flowers in the water on top of the glass stones. A fantastic example includes pink tulips and blue orchids which complement each other very well. The green stems should be long enough for the flowers to stick out of the water.

The blue orchids should lay close to the bottom on top of the pink tulips. This creates a lovely bouquet.
Some weddings call for a more intimate centrepiece for the tables. This floating candle centrepiece is perfect for those occasions. Take three different size cube clear vases, one about 1 foot tall, 1 about 8 inches tall, and 1 about 6 inches tall. Mix a hand full of black and clear glass stones together and place them at the bottom of the vases, a little less than halfway full. Next, fill the vases with water to about three-quarters of the way full.

Take three small tea light candles that are in a metal container. Float each candle in each vase and light them for the wedding. The candles will float on top of the water creating a very intimate setting. The three vases should be in a cluster in the centre of the table with black and white glass stones placed on the outside of them on the table. You can also put small tea light candles in a very small cube candle holder on all four candles of the centrepiece.