Should You Hire a Work Injury Lawyer?

All of those bills are piling up for you since you were hurt on the job, aren’t they? Not only have you been hurt physically, but emotionally and socially could be thrown in there too. You feel that your world has been torn apart because there is a lot to deal with. Well, if you have been hurt on the job then these next tips will definitely help you to find the best work injury lawyer out there. Let’s first determine if you need to hire an attorney to try your case.

First off were you injured at your place of work? If so then you are completely entitled to receive workers’ compensation. Does the company you work for consider you to be a true employee and not just a temporary employee? You will need written documentation in order to prove this key question. In order to for the lawyer to get a claim filed they will need to know that your employer was at fault because of the accident and not you. Can you return to work if at all possible? Or will you even want to return to the same company that caused you all this hardship? If the answer is yes then the lawyer will be able to help you through these difficult situations. If you are put on permanent disability because of the accident then your work injury lawyer will definitely have a case on their hands and that last question is null and void.

How would you handle the situation in which your insurance company or employer is pressuring you when you come back to work? The attorney you eventually work with can coach you through the process. Insurance companies love to deny claims. In fact, I am pretty sure they are first trained to say no and hit the deny button on their screen because it is easier and most people just pay the claims. The work injury lawyer will be there by your side to get the compensation that you deserve.

Tips for Hiring the Right Work Lawyer

The lawyer that you are looking for is one that specializes in the area of work injuries. You wouldn’t want to hire a heart surgeon for your knee surgery.  Not all lawyers are the same so you will want someone who has tried cases like yours. Also, ask what the outcome was of the other cases and if they were able to satisfy the client for the compensation they deserved.

That leads me to the next question to go over which is how would they handle a case like yours? Do they have a strategy they feel is going to win the case? Another factor is how long do they think the trial will take? Many will be able to give you a reasonable time, but be wary of those who give you the answer, “We will have a quick settlement, I am sure of it.”

Always talk about costs upfront before signing anything. It is not the most comfortable conversation to have but there are many fees that go along with handling a case like this. Make sure you note if there will be any retainer fees and hourly costs. Most attorneys will work on a contingency fee so if they lose the case, you are sometimes not responsible for any fees.

Often times there are other people who are working the case such as paralegals or other attorneys who are providing some deeper investigation. If that is the case then ask to meet with them and give them a personal interview too.  It is important you understand everything that is happening with your claim because at the end of the day you are ultimately the one in charge of getting the best compensation for your work injury.