As you begin your search for a divorce attorney make a shortlist of about six-eight names that appear to be right for you. Then contact each one and inquire about your case. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate the attorneys to determine which one is the most comfortable for you. Do they listen and do they show that they understand your situation? Do they explain everything in simple terms that are easy to understand or do they bombard you with legal jargon and terminology that confuses you?

There are many divorce attorneys in each city so the problem lies in finding an experienced divorce attorney with whom you can be comfortable. It is also important that the attorney has a good track record of handling divorces, an internet search can provide you with information on many area attorneys plus many law firms have their own websites that provide useful information to help you select your divorce attorney.

The Shortlist: A Handful of Possible Candidates

Look for an attorney that is adept at making quick decisions and can tell instantly how well you will do with the divorce proceedings. He should be able to give you an estimate of how long it would take to settle the divorce and an estimate of the costs that will be involved with the divorce. She should be able to provide you with the probability of winning the divorce at terms that are favorable for you and the pitfalls that you must avoid during the proceeding.

Divorce can be a messy affair and if contested it can lead to arguments, disagreement, and other unpleasantness. Compromise between the couple can be difficult to achieve and the divorce lawyer will charge you more if he has to resolve all these issues in court. The divorce lawyer also needs to uncover information concerning the assets and liabilities of the marriage and determine who is the most at fault or wants the divorce the most in order to develop a winnable case. It is important that the attorney safeguards your monetary interests while developing a winning strategy so you should be choosy in whom to accept as your divorce attorney.

Most attorneys will offer a free case evaluation where they will listen to your case and point out the best procedure for you to follow. They will provide an outline of costs so you can determine if you can afford their services. Fees will vary, depending on the complexity of the divorce. The least expensive divorce is an uncontested divorce so your attorney will advise you whether to contest who owns the property, who will receive possession of the property, and terms of possession.

It is better to reach an understanding with your partner over these issues if possible as the more unresolved issues there are in the divorce the higher you will pay in attorney fees and related court costs. A divorce attorney can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of the case and the services provided by the divorce lawyer. Attorney fees may exceed two hundred dollars an hour and are billed on the time the attorney actually spends working on your case. While some attorneys offer a fixed fee divorce be careful as they may not adequately represent your interests to keep their time involved in the case as low as possible. Make sure that you receive a detailed explanation of what services are included in the fixed fee and what will do they do if the divorce ends up requiring additional time due to problems caused by the spouse’s divorce attorney.

You cannot afford to sacrifice the quality of legal services during a divorce as you must live with the results of the divorce the rest of your life.