if your child has been injured in a car or other vehicle accident, either as a driver of the car or as a passenger in the car, you need answers to your specific questions. If the injury was serious enough, you have already had to deal with treatment by paramedics and the emergency room. Where do you go from here to get the medical care he or she needs? If you have a regular pediatrician, they may be a good resource for initial treatment or for a referral to a specialist. If not, there are a variety of medical specialists who may be able to treat your child’s specific needs. We’ll gladly share with you the types of doctors best suited to your child’s needs.

But, who is responsible for paying your child’s medical bills now and in the future? Fortunately, Florida’s No-Fault Insurance is designed to do just that. Car owners are required to No-Fault/Personal Injury Protection insurance. This insurance pays roughly 80% of your child’s medical expenses. The law is too complicated to lay out in detail here, but understand it covers the driver and any passengers in a car. It is available through the car your child was occupying at the time of the accident, or through the auto insurance of the parent with whom they were living. No-Fault also pays even if your child was driving and was at fault for causing the accident. Payment of medical bills under the No-Fault insurance is not based on proving someone was at fault. It is required to pay regardless of fault.

You may also be wondering how much it will cost you to talk to an attorney (nothing) or how lawyer fees are paid. 

While we can’t predict every question, you have while you are reading this, we will find the answers you need when you contact us.

Recovering financial compensation for your child’s injuries will require investigating the accident to identify each party who may be responsible. That means checking all available insurance coverage, the drivers’, the owners’, and any available uninsured motorist coverage. But remember, when an accident happens, the insurance companies go into high gear to minimize any payments they may have to make. They will have assigned specially trained adjusters. It does not matter to them the injured party is your child. What ultimately matters to them is how little they pay to settle the claim. They will probably attempt to contact you to ask you or your child to give them a recorded statement, sign a few forms, or even offer you a small amount of money for your child’s pain and suffering. Are you prepared to deal with them on your own?

You have enough on your mind, let us handle the insurance company.

I would suggest you politely put them off and request a copy of my book, “When Kids Suffer Big Injuries,” it is available without cost for accidents occurring in Florida. I wrote it to help parents understand the issues they will face in dealing with what to do after a child is injured in an accident.

Let me give you another suggestion. While you are dealing with your child’s injuries and medical care, we will work to recover from the responsible parties the compensation your child may be entitled to receive.