If you have been injured due to the conduct of another, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. But obtaining just compensation is hardly straightforward. Defendants and insurance companies would rather see you get nothing and will minimize your claims and put the blame on you as much as possible. To obtain your due, you need a strong advocate on your side. You need an exceptional New York personal injury attorney.

At Vogel & Rosenberg, we are aggressive advocates for our clients. The results don’t lie. Over many years in the business, Mr. Rosenberg has obtained many results or more for our clients. We focus exclusively on personal injury cases: unlike many firms that represent plaintiffs, we do not dabble in other areas of the law. Obtaining compensation for people who have suffered injuries due to the conduct of another is what we do, and we do it well.

A Wealth of Experience

Mr. Rosenberg has over 50 years of experience. He has tried dozens of cases over multiple decades. Few attorneys can match his trial experience. This deep experience gives us – and our clients – an edge throughout the litigation process, from the filing of a lawsuit through settlement negotiations, trials, and appeals. This experience helps us evaluate your case accurately from the beginning, and to anticipate the issues in your case.

Your case will receive personal attention from an experienced trial attorney. Unlike at bigger law firms, your case will not be handed over to a junior attorney. You will have the personal attention of a knowledgeable veteran attorney, and your case will receive the hands-on attention you deserve.

Deciding Whether to Hire an Attorney

You may have heard a lot about personal injury cases. Dramatized on television, plastered across the phone book, you may be skeptical of personal injury lawyers and the civil litigation process. Perhaps you want to take whatever money an insurance company is offering you and be done with it.

At Vogel & Rosenberg, we understand your reluctance to litigate your claim. We understand that this may be the first personal injury case you have ever had. We know that you simply want fair compensation for your injuries. We also know that without an attorney, it is unlikely that you will receive anything resembling fair compensation.

Particularly if your injuries are severe, you owe it to yourself and your family to explore all your options. Medical bills and lost wages can quickly pile up after an injury. The trauma of your accident and your physical discomfort may improve with time, or maybe with you forever. Tort laws exist to provide you with redress for these losses. A New York personal injury attorney can explain your legal options and assess your case. You pay us nothing unless we are ultimately successful in obtaining a recovery in your case.

Knowledge Of New York

Mr. Rosenberg has lived and practiced in New York throughout his professional career. He has appeared in state and federal courts throughout New York. Our offices are in Manhattan. He knows the Big Apple inside and out. He knows the expert witnesses in the local area, the judges and courthouses, and how to speak directly to a New York jury. And he will put his local knowledge to work for you.