It’s too easy of a conclusion to think that your typical attorney in San Jose handles legal representation in a courtroom and arguing for a client’s side. Typically, that’s called litigation. Believe it or not, though, San Jose attorneys do a lot more than just present an argument.
This is very much a rundown of the entire legal industry, for starters –

The Legal Niches

  1. Family Law
  2.  Bankruptcy Law
  3.  Real Estate Law
  4.  Criminal Law
  5.  Intellectual Property Law
  6.  Labor Law
  7.  Unemployment Law
  8.  Business Law
  9.  Finance Law
  10.  Insurance Law
  11.  Tax Law
  12.  Tort Law

You don’t even have to be educated to know that an attorney in San Jose doesn’t have to be skilled in every single niche here. It’s simply not feasible. The way the legal industry has been growing, an attorney in San Jose typically only specializes in one of these. To be even more targeted, an attorney in San Jose will even specialize in something inside the niche. Take Criminal Law, for example:

  1. DUI Charges
  2.  Homicide Cases
  3.  Home Invasion
  4.  Criminal Sex Conduct
  5.  Gang Violence and Activity
  6.  Check Fraud

Whatever your case is will determine which San Jose attorneys you’ll be researching.

Or how about Family Law? Are all family San Jose attorneys alike? No, they’re not. You’re looking at all these different sub-niches within the Family Law niche:

  1. Domestic Violence
  2.  Divorce
  3.  Marriage
  4.  Juvenile Delinquency
  5.  Emancipation
  6.  Adoption
  7.  Abortion
  8.  Surrogacy
  9.  Guardianship

And without a doubt, not all San Jose attorneys will have experience in all of this. They may be educated, though – but if your purpose is to find the best in a shortlist of San Jose attorneys, make sure your shortlist encompasses the very best for your case.

Let’s take a look at Bankruptcy Law, too. Are there different types of bankruptcy attorneys in San Jose? Yes, there are.

  1. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Jose
  2. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Jose
  3. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Jose
  4. Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Jose
  5. Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Jose
  6. Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Jose

Each ‘chapter’ in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code applies to a specific person or group of people and a situation. So, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with.

But Are All the Niches the Same in Terms of What San Jose Attorneys Do?

No, actually. As mentioned in the first paragraph, believe it or not, but San Jose attorneys do a whole lot more than just argue. It is, however, one of the first functions ever born in the legal industry. And it falls specifically under all of Criminal Law, most of Tort Law, and even some aspects of Family Law.

The basic premise of any lawyer is to defend someone publicly. Speak for someone. Whenever an individual has been accused of something, by law that person has a right to be defended so that the truth has been adequately communicated.

On the subject of Tort Law, though, the idea of being represented or defended is something more of a civil matter. Tort Law is all about lawsuits, such as:

  1. Professional Malpractice Lawsuits
  2. Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
  3. Wrongful Death Lawsuits
  4. Slipping and Falling Lawsuits
  5. Product Defect Lawsuits
  6. Car Accident Lawsuits
  7. Aviation Lawsuits
  8. Dog Bite Lawsuits

Basically, anything involving an accident resulting from pure negligence can apply to a civil lawsuit under Tort Law. And typically San Jose attorneys specializing in these types of litigation – typically called personal injury – would preside in court to make the case and negotiate a suitable settlement to provide restitution and reimbursement for the one injured.

Generally, though, that involves making a case against the one ‘accused’ of personal injury. So this litigation, although outside of criminal matters, involves argumentation and persuasion.

So What Else Can San Jose Attorneys Do?

That is, however, not the only thing San Jose attorneys can do in the courtroom. When it comes to the process of law, everything involving legal matters falls under the realm of all attorneys in San Jose depending on specialization and experience.

It’s no surprise that some attorneys in San Jose may actually never see the inside of a courtroom. Because certain cases don’t involve specific types of litigation, like in Criminal Law or Tort Law.

Surprisingly, you’ll find most attorneys in San Jose performing these tasks

  1. Mediation
  2.  Overseeing Legal Processes
  3.  Filing Paperwork
  4.  Negotiating Terms

You’ll find a lot of this work done under these niches:

  1. Business Law
  2.  Real Estate Law
  3.  Finance Law
  4.  Bankruptcy Law

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, know that every big-time law firm anywhere in California – not just in San Jose – will have a specific department called mergers & acquisitions. That’s the basis behind all Business Law, actually.

And the reality is every attorney in San Jose specializing in mergers and acquisitions most likely will ever step inside a courthouse, let alone a courtroom. Why?

Because the only purpose for a business attorney in San Jose is to draft contracts, mediate between two corporations, oversee the entire process of writing up an agreement to either merge or dissolve a company.

Such a process does have legal ramifications involving everything from employment to finance. So you can imagine that a business attorney in San Jose is absolutely necessary.