The Top 5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

The Top 5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Having a winter wedding can be a great idea as they can not only be wonderfully romantic but also save you money. Let’s take a look at some top reasons why you should have your wedding in the winter months.

The Top 5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Create a Winter Wonderland

Having your wedding in winter gives you the excuse to turn your venue into an attractive winter wonderland with Christmassy decorations and pretty table accessories. Everybody loves Christmas and it will create a fun and cosy vibe for your reception.

Choose a theme

Winter weddings allow you more freedom when it comes to choosing a fun and striking theme for your wedding. A snowy backdrop can offer you plenty of ideas for you to play around with – consider Fire and Ice, New Year’s Eve or a Winter Wonderland!

Save money

We all know weddings can be incredibly expensive occasions but a winter wedding can almost certainly save you money. During the winter popular hotel wedding venues are more likely to give discounts and cheap rates than they are in the busy summer months because more people get married in summer and hotels and other venues will usually be fully booked. Wedding service such as photographers and caterers are also usually available at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in summer, which can bring your costs down considerably. This also goes for your honeymoon in that fewer people venture abroad in the out-of-season winter months and you can probably grab yourself a bargain honeymoon.

Book a castle

Book a beautiful castle for your wedding – it can provide a stunning venue for a winter wedding especially if there is sparkling snow on the ground! Have a beautiful candle-lit ceremony and your reception in the amazing banqueting hall.

You won’t be worrying about the heat

With the stress of a wedding and the often stifling heat in the hot summer months, many brides and bridegrooms struggle through their wedding day and some even pass out! A winter wedding will make sure you are kept chilled out during your big day!

There are many reasons to have your wedding in winter and you will find many great hotel wedding venues to choose from. Remember that venues are usually much cheaper to hire in the winter months and you can usually get great deals on castles, manor houses and hotels. Have fun on your big day!

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The Best Top 10 Catering Kirkland Service of the Year

Catering Kirkland Service of the Year
  • Make your event so memorable with a professional and delicious catering service of Kirkland. More than decades the amazing cooking quality and service being served to Kirkland clients from different catering service.
  • Catering Kirkland always trying to serve a quality job to its clients in term of food delivery and menu arrangement which reflects a variety of food and catering items. They focus on developing the same taste which their client expects to taste. They try to serve mouthwatering food to their client.  The diet food is also enlisted in their catering food menu. Everyone can enjoy the cusine no matter if you are vegetarian, gluten intolerant, vegan, meat lover etc.
  • Many catering Kirkland takes orders online and then send the delivery on time at the same location and time which client expects to receive. The teamwork of catering Kirkland and immediately say ‘yes’ on any demand makes the client very much happy. The ‘yes’ means a lot to them when suggests anything.
  • You can enjoy any event no matter if it is a wedding, birthday ceremony, farewell party, private party and more. The Catering service of Kirkland makes your event more delicious with its exceptional service and quality.
  • Let’s introduce the contribution of Top 5 Kirkland’s catering service of 2016.

Catering Kirkland Service of the Year

Emerald City Cakes and Chocolate

  • This company has been serving the exceptional service to its client for 5 years. The company’s innovative design and lots of available styles to give a good look of catering to its client make the event so dreamy and memorable.
  • The speciality of this company is its custom catering menus and its creativity. The highest level of service makes any kind of occasion unforgettable.
  • The Urban Chef
  • The urban chef has been serving for 10 years.  They have created a memorable dining experience of 10 years. This company is specialized in creating a variety of buffet style and many kinds of cuisines.
  • Their service with dreamy style can make the occasion environment too amazing.
  • Pacific North West Catering Company
  • The owner of this company has collected lots of experience from many catering where he has worked. Their experience has given the fame of his company. Its team is ready to welcome the guest of any size of the event, no matter if its small birthday party or large event planning.
  • K & F Catering
  • Keeping the goal to provide the fresh, creative and quality service to its clients has given the fame to k & F catering. The clients are happy that this company team always arrives on time when a call to arrange the event. Their wearing and talking style is really professional and the food is beyond expectations.
  • WithStyle Catering LLC
  • WithStyle Catering LLC, offering the custom menu with a wide range of food items from continental breakfast, sandwiches, and deserts to its clients. It also focuses on dietary plan and provides the best diet food of client choice. The outstanding shelf service has contributed a lot to give a fame to its management field.
  • Destiny Catering and Sauce Development Company
  • The long-distance travel of 28 years has given fame to its company. The high level and quality service to make any event memorable is always ready to serve by Destiny Catering and Sauce Development Company. Their service has created a very strong business relationship. Only one call is far to get a service by the Entertainment food Service Management of Destiny Catering and Sauce Development Company.

Why Couple Should Opt For Therapy to Strengthen Relationship?

Why Couple Should Opt For Therapy to Strengthen Relationship

In every type of relationship, there are challenges and problems that come in front. These problems can make or even break the bonding between the couples. The issues that are arising can strengthen the bond or even make them separate from each other permanently.

Why Couple Should Opt For Therapy to Strengthen Relationship

The problems that may arise between the couple might be having varied reasons and severity. For those, who are finding the issues too difficult to handle and they are tired to fight among each other, can take help from the couple’s counsellor. These professionals help the couples to understand the cause of the crisis and also provide to get rid of it.

What can you know about couples’ therapy?

It is one of the most common and one of the recognized ways to resolve the problems that the couples face and unable to manage their own. In this type of therapy, both the partners have to sit and talk with the specialist and allow the professional to know about the details of the issues. Here, in this type of therapy, the couples have to discuss everything about the problems so that the therapist can find out the actual reason behind them. Through this, the counsellor comes to know the depth of the issue and tries to find out the perfect solutions behind it. The couple therapy concept is gaining in importance across the world and among all; parterapi Kobenhavn is quite popular and distinct.

The therapist helps the couple to make a decision whether they want to stay together or not. In most of the cases, talking and consulting with the therapist have solved problems of many. Through the couple’s therapy, the partners can identify each other’s potentials and also the bad sides.

This will help them to know each other in details. Knowing and understanding each other is quite important to maintain a healthy relationship. Through the process of therapy, one partner gets the chance to reveal feelings that he/she is feeling for the other. When talking with the therapist, there will be no third person present there and the couples can clearly discuss the issues with the expert who specializes in parterapi Kobenhavn or in any other location as well.

So, if you and your partner are facing problems, do not waste time. Come and consult with a professional therapist now!

How To Drop Weight For Your Wedding

wedding tips

Losing weight for your wedding is something that almost all brides want to do. So how can you lose this extra weight for your special day? In this article, we will provide you with some valuable tips so you can be in the shape of your life for the most important day of your life.

wedding tips


We all know that diet is very important and you will see this everywhere you go. However, you will not believe all the brides I have seen believe that they can eat anything they would want and still lose weight. This could not be further from the truth. To lose weight, you will need to lower your calorie intake. It is very simple math. You can easily construct a diet that fits your weight and your ideal weight. The easiest way to drop weight is to eat about 11x your weight in calories. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, your ideal calorie intake will be 1650 daily calories. This is the best way to determine how many calories will be on your daily intake. Remember when you start dropping weight, you will need to adjust your calorie intake. Usually, to maintain your weight it is recommended to eat about 15x your bodyweight.


Now that you have how many calories you should consume as a bride on a diet. You will need to know what foods to eat. We usually like to suggest that you stick to low calorie, high protein foods such as chicken, tuna, turkey, salmon and almost all types of fish. Be sure to buy different seasonings so you don’t become bored of your diet. With these high protein foods, you can add healthy carbs such as baked potatoes, yams and just about any fruit. You also don’t want to forget about healthy fats such as nuts, avocados and the healthy fats some fish contain. Just because these are labeled “fats” do not mean you will want to avoid them.


As a bride, you already know the important part about setting a goal, which is setting a deadline for your goals. Since you want to lose weight for your wedding, your wedding day will be your goal. Make sure to write down your goals so that they become a lot more likely to occur. It’s a proven fact that people that write down their goals and carry them around are more likely to achieve their goals and be successful. Also, make sure to break down your goals into smaller chunks. For example, your goal can be to lose 10 pounds the first month, 8 pounds the second month and so on. With smaller goals, you will feel a lot better about the larger goals.


Yes, exercise can be a great thing to lose weight but you will need to do it correctly. I have seen many brides take walks on the treadmill for hours and think they are working out. This is not the case. To really benefit from your workouts, you should incorporate high-intensity training. You can incorporate this by taking fewer breaks in your workout and working out faster. Also, there is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) which is great for fat loss. Also, it will save you a lot of time which is very important for a bride.

All in all, if you were to follow these tips and tricks for weight loss, we are sure that you will be a very happy bride come to your wedding night. One thing we recommend to brides that want to lose weight is to order their dress, one size smaller. What this does, is automatically FORCE the bride to work her butt off in order to drop weight and fit into her dress! Remember that this is not only for your wedding but for your life and your health!

Linda Flores lives in Miami, Fl and loves the beach. Fitness is something she loves and has dedicated her life too. She loves informing herself about working out through many bodybuilding sites and loves seeing all the new bridal gowns at  so she could keep her friends updated on the latest fashion. So if you don’t catch her at the gym you will be sure to catch her on the internet.